September 2015

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Selling Timeshares; Do it Right

Selling timeshares could be the most difficult task out there, but it doesn’t have to if you know how to go about it the right way. Reality is that most people don’t understand what timeshares are and how they stand to benefit from them. To be successful at selling timeshares, you have to firstly, and importantly, buy into the idea yourself. Nothing sells as well as passion does and if you are passionate about selling timeshares it will come through whenever you are giving a pitch to a potential client.

Secondly, know everything there is to know about the timeshare that you are selling. You will receive endless off the book questions about what you are selling, and you should be able to answer them all authoritatively. Last but not least, when it comes to selling timeshares start with friends and family. Friends and family could be the toughest clients you will ever encounter, but once you win them over the rest will be smooth sailing.